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NGT 1st Campaign to stop Animal Abuse

A Guy throws a Dog from the roof of a Building!!!

Snapshot from the video
Snapshot from the video


An article was published in French on a website called "" and here is the link to the article ""


I will be translating the article here in English along with some details of the story i got from watching the videos that was recoreded to the man who abused the dog where he explained why he did such a CRIME!

" A man has released a Shocking video on his facebook where he is seen abusing a dog and throwing him from a roof of a building .when you watch the video you can clearly see that he drags the dog by the tail before reaching the edge of the roof and then throwing the dog in a brutal way from the roof of the building !!! 


The guy who did that to the dog was found. the one who threw the dog is called "Ahmed" and the one who shot the video is called " Bahy", he explains he did that because the dog bit his brother but actually the dog didn't hurt his brother really bad, it's close to a scratch on the arm! Ahmed claims that this is actually his dog, he took care of that dog when he first bought him.

Ahmed also said he feels sorry for what happened to the dog and he mangaed to help him after what he did to the dog.

The dog was recovered by the help of  the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals , it also publishes a photo of the dog on facebook. the dog was only injured in his back legs."





The Dog
The Dog

We are glad that the dog is safe now but we are not happy that till now..ANIMAL ABUSE STILL EXISTS!!!!


We are starting a campagin to stop such a crime!


so, help us now....


Download now the available poster here, print it and share it every where and with everyone.. this is our first step in our campaign to stop animal abuse and show that animals have their own rights excatly like us!


Please when you are done with the 1st step contact us and tell us what you did.


Thank you.


Download, print and share it every where and with everyone.
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